Medicolegal Reporting

Independent Medical Assessments

Independent medical examinations are impartial medical assessments. The worker, worker’s solicitor, employer, or the insurer can request an independent medical examination.

A referral for an independent medical examination occurs when medical information is:

  • Considered less than adequate or inconsistent;
  • Unavailable; or
  • Where the referrer has been unable to resolve the issues related to the problem directly with the parties involved. 

The role of the Independent medical examiner is not provide advice to injured workers about their condition, treatment or workers compensation claim, it is consider all information available and determine a worker's ability to safely perform the essential inherent requirements of their role.

The independent medical examiner's report may include advice on accepting a claim, the insurer’s ongoing liability and/or the worker’s level of capacity for employment and ongoing treatment. If they consider some other type of treatment might assist the worker, they will mention it in their report and may contact the worker's treating doctor to discuss treatment options. The independent medical examiner report is forwarded to the person who requested it. 

Permanent Impairment Assessment

Dr O’Toole assesses the Permanent Impairment of claimants for Insurers, including WorkCover Qld, in accordance with 4th and 5th Editions of the AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment depending upon the legislated requirement. He is trained and available to perform assessments under the new Qld Guidelines for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (GEPI) for workplace injuries sustained in Qld after 15th October 2013.

Fitness for Duty Assessment

This service provides a risk assessment report to the employer and deals with problems such as:

  • Assistance with rehabilitation of workers with complicated injuries particularly involving a psychological component.
  • Non-work related medical problems which may impact on an employee’s ongoing ability to safely and productively perform their duties
  • Excessive absenteeism or other management issues where a medical condition may be involved
  • Sensitive cases
  • Complex “fitness to work” assessments

Forensic Case Assessment 

Cases involving injury and incapacity are complex and multifactorial in nature. There are often a number of competing interests, and the best outcome for the all parties lies somewhere within. Dr O'Toole provides an evidenced based approach to determining causation, appropriate management, and residual risk.

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